Group Project # 1

Starting today 'till 16.12.2014

Ask yourself:

This is our second theoretical lesson.

Next week you are already working on your project in your small group.

Have you a question?

What do you know about your topic?

What would you like to know?

What's worth sharing with the class?

How will you use your newly acquired knowledge about the topic in your teaching?

Do you have a plan?

Is it conceptualized enough that others will understand?

Can you present it?

What did your friends have to say?

Now what do you think?

Are you done?

then what are you waiting for?!

Submit and reflect!

December 4th - Class Group Presentations!!!

20.11 and 27.11 You meet in class discuss your individual and group progress

Make the most of this opportunity!

Group topics and members

Online sites for student practice - Yulia, Rabea, Reema, Naheel and Shir

Computer games for teaching English - Robyn, Sally, Tameer and Josephine

Online dictionaries for teaching English - Naama, Ashraf, Ghadeer, Sivan B and Dikla

Learning Platforms for teaching English - Shiraz, Hayley, Zenab and Chen

The English teacher site - Sivan E., Roshan and Maisaa