The Bullseye

Oct. 3rd - 7th

Important Events

Monday- 10/3

  • Mr. Howard is out of the building- Attending a PD on standards-based grading. Mrs. Underwood will be at Vogel.

Tuesday- 10/4

  • 7:35-8:08: Leadership Team Meeting- Conference Room

Wednesday- 10/5

  • National Walk to School Day- FedEx will be at Vogel beginning at 7:50AM, they will be passing out information to our walkers.

Thursday- 10/6

  • 7:35-8:08: Lexia Training (New reading intervention program provided by the district) 1st-2nd- Ms. Holtz's classroom; 3rd-5th- Mrs. Happe's classroom

Friday- 10/7 & Monday-10/10

  • No school- Fall Break

Breakfast Procedures

The breakfast duty staff needs your help. Please review the following breakfast procedures with your students:

*Pick up all of your trash.

*Please remember to close all juice and milk empty or full before putting in the trash cans.

*Know your pin.

*Don’t forget your juice or milk and utensils/straws.

*Come straight to breakfast, do not go to the gym first.

*Keep moving through the line.

Upcoming Events


  • 3:20-4:20- Faculty Meeting

Discipline Data- Week of Sept. 26th-30th

2 office referrals (Last week: 2)

8 ROCK Room referrals (Last week: 18)- A decrease of 10

30 Positive Contacts (Last week: 30)

Our goal is to have more positive "purple" contacts that ROCK room/office referrals.


These students R.O.C.K.!

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Target #2 Walkthroughs- Develop a K-6, vertically aligned balanced Math Framework with an emphasis on fluency/maintenance and number work.

Target #2 Walkthroughs will begin Sept. 19th and end Oct. 6th.

Emphasis in grades K-2 is "Number Talks" and "Rename the Number"- other number work strategies can be included in your lessons as well.

Emphasis in grades 3-6 is "Fluency Games"

During this monitoring time, I will check lesson plans on Monday and plan walkthroughs Tuesday-Friday. Please refer to the document given out during Sept.'s faculty meeting for the walkthrough "Look Fors."

"Purple P" Winners- ND Teachers can wear jeans on Monday with ND school colors. (Shirt does not have to be a ND shirt).

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