NYC ERP Tech Meetup

Connecting Systems and People

About Us

This is a group for any professional user of Netsuite in the NYC area. Join up if you are a Finance professional, Sys Admin, Logistics, CRM, Sales professional or any end user of an ERP system or just are getting tired of using excel to run your business. Or Join up if you are curious about how this ERP and other cloud based enterprise tools can connect you to your business metrics and your customers in stronger systemic ways. We started this group so tech professionals in NYC can connect in a meaningful way. We are looking to swap ideas, scripts, code and best practice uses of the ERP system and also all the other tools that integrate with Netsuite to make it the strongest most agile business platform on the market today.

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

What is it?

  • Solves business problems by being the single source of record
  • Integrating Business Process and Workflows into One System
  • As a Platform to scale business functions as the organization expands
  • One System of Record, One System of Analysis, One system of Decision

Rules of the Group

We started this group to connect people to solutions. Real solutions, from real users and developers. We didn't start it as the ubiquitous place to pitch your company's products or services. We reserve the right to ban/remove people who don't contribute to the spirit of the group.

Monthly Meetups in the NYC area

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you meet?

-We're just getting started so for now we are meeting in Manhattan

Why is your group focused on Netsuite and not ERP systems like JD Edwards, Oracle or SAP?

-Netsuite is the most agile ERP platform in existence today. If you are looking for a scalable solution to help you grow your business and not be bogged down by overpriced deployments or having to call in Accenture everytime you want to make a change, Netsuite empowers the end user to drive that change. We're not saying it is a panacea but it is the best ERP system we have worked with and it gets better all the time.

Does your group meet monthly

-We hope to, it all depends on the members and their engagement.