Top 10

"dos" and "don'ts" of email safety


#1 only uses carbon copy when you want to send an email to someone who is not the main recipient. That helps to keep that person in the loop.

#2 Email attachments are an easy way to share files,photos and more

#3 forward is when you want to share an email that you've received already; you can use the Forward command to send the message to another person.

#4 Message panes are when you select an email in the inbox it will open in the message pane.

#5 new messages are while emails are less formal than written letters using informal language.

Good resource

Related files are for if you need to send a lot of different files to the same person you should consider sending the attachments through multiple emails.

Do Not Do pictures


#1 Email safety is important because your email is not totally secure so you should avoid sending sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, or you’re social security numbers.

#2 doesn’t use all caps and more than one explanation point.

#3 Only through non-important things in trash.

#4 Use appropriate words to other.

#5 don‘t spam to others with email.