Keith as an Administrator...

A glimpse into my work day.

My Year So Far...

Has been very busy with long hours. I've gotten to know all of my staff and the majority of the students. I'm very happy with the culture in the school, and I look forward to contributing to the success of everyone around me.

I Believe....

...that the education system is an opportunity to nurture and cultivate character at a time when it is needed most in our culture. I believe that each student represents a unique piece of a puzzle that will help make and keep our country great. Our job is to get the very best of what each student is capable of, and to instill ethics, values, and other positives traits of the leaders of tomorrow. It's more than just learning content; it's learning how to think, and how to solve the problems that tomorrow will bring with it.
Quitman Volleyball Replay

Varsity Boys Basketball Quitman Classic

Monday, Dec. 28th, 10am

Morris Avenue

Quitman, TX

Quitman Boys Varsity Basketball Tournament