Magazine Project

Final Assignment for McMullen's English Nine Classes

Umm, what do we have to do?

You are going to cover the important aspects of grade nine English in a magazine that you create.

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You are the editor, columnist, artist, everything!

You have topics to cover and pages to create, but you get to choose what material goes on which pages. How are you going to do it creatively, uniquely, and neatly?

Topics to Cover

What you MUST include…

1. Romeo and Juliet

2. House on Mango Street

3. Of Mice and Men

4. To Kill a Mockingbird

5. Short Stories (at least two)

6. ORB x 2

7. Mythology

8. Analytical Paragraph

9. Word Roots (at least ten)

10. Literary Terms (at least ten)

11. Grammar

12. Transitions

13. The Depression

Types of pages that MUST be included...

1. A decorated cover.

2. A table of contents.

3. Two advertisements for fictitious products

4. Two informational articles.

5. One page containing reviews.

6. A puzzle page.

7. An interview.

8. A want ad section (at least five items on this page).

9. A letter from the editor.

10. An advice column.

11. A "Did you know?" page.

12. A fashion page.

13. A "Remember When?" page.

14. Your choice.

15. Your choice.

16. Your choice.

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This is your FINAL!

It is going to be a lot of work. That's why you have some time this week and all next week to work on it in class. We'll be in the computer lab Monday through Thursday next week, so if you have your outline done, you'll be able to use that time to create. If folks are off task, you will lose your work time, and you'll be doing all of this at home. That would NOT be fun!
Arthur Song- Homework

How you'll be graded...

  • Covering all topics and pages.
  • Accuracy of information (go beyond the surface).
  • Grammar and mechanics.
  • Neatness.
  • Originality (cheating/copying=0).
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