Tech Tip Tuesdays

September 2016

Google Docs - Voice Typing

You don't need to use the program Dragon to allow you to voice type. Google Docs has now incorporated Google Speak into Google Docs. To use it, open a Google Doc. Under Tools, select Voice Typing. A microphone icon will appear on the top right of the document. Click on it to begin Voice Typing. This is a great tool for students who need a little extra help typing or writing.

HSTRY - A Free Timeline Maker

A great timeline making tool is HSTRY. It is a free service. Teachers sign up and students sign up with the code their teacher gives them. Teachers can create timelines with embedded quizzes that they can put on their websites. Students can create their own timelines and embed media. It reminds me of Discovery Learning Board Builder with a timeline spin. It really is pretty easy to navigate for both teachers and students. It can be used not only for history but for other classes that is studying evolution or period of any subject (science, math, music, art. etc.)

AP Archive & British MovieTone

Both AP Archive and British MovieTone are YouTube channels that provide short newsreel clips about historical events from 1895 to present day. These clips could be used for flipped instruction, introduction to a subject or an extension piece. Check them out. I think they would be great resources for you and your students. is a great service that allows students to take notes while watching a video. It integrates with Google drive. Then the student can share with the teacher his or her notes with the teacher. This is a great tool for flipped instruction.