Riti's Yoga Classes

Tuesday's and Thursday's 7-8pm located at 159th Avenue.

Come and learn the finest art you can ever know of in your lifetime

How I teach

Yoga originated from India. It was formed from both the Hindu and the Buddhist religion, as a form of meditation. In my classes, I teach every single student, no matter which level, Yoga postures that are recommended from both religions, and I teach it in a manner in which it would be done by Indian instructors.

Let's talk history for a minute

Yoga was developed in a civilization over 5,000 years ago called the Indus- Sarasvati or the Indus Valley civilization. Yoga was mentioned in the oldest sacred texts called the Rig-Veda found and created there. The Vedas were a collection of texts containing songs, rituals, and mantaras. This is the time period of Yoga called the pre-classic yoga, and after this stage there 4 more stages that I'm not going into. This is the most historians really know about yoga since the history is still very uncertain.

My main purpose

The traditional purpose of yoga is to disconnect all of your senses, to bring out your inner self, and to free yourself from any ego or desire, and was actually considered a way of praying to God. It has now become a exercise to reduce fat. I believe that yoga is a great exercise for weight loss, but it is not my focus. I teach yoga as a meditation, and as a great stress and pain reliever.

How does Yoga Work? How is Yoga Made?

Yoga uses both the asanas postures to combine both the body and the mind with the soul. I teach my students to do Yoga properly,in which you must only breath through your nose, and to stay balanced and still. Yoga is made up of many different meditation poses that are related to the religion in some way. For example, a pose I teach my students called Surya- Namaskar, from the Hindu Religion, Since Surya is the Sun god, you are suppose to do this outside when the Sun is out while you chant a holy saying and do postures and you repeat this 3 times.

5 fun facts about Yoga

  • Practicing Yoga can enhance the mood of a person
  • Yoga increases a person's life span
  • "Doga" is Yoga for dogs
  • There are 196 Yoga Sutras
  • The world's oldest Yoga teacher is Bette Colman

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