Sengkang compared to Tiong Bahru

How inclusive Tiong Bahru is compared to Sengkang


Sengkang is situated to the north of Hougang New Town, in the north-eastern part of Singapore, under the North-East Regionas defined by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

The town is bounded by the Tampines Expressway (TPE) to the north, Sungei Serangoon (Serangoon River) to the east,Buangkok Drive to the south and Jalan Kayu to the west. Sungei Punggol (Punggol River) cuts through the new town, and divides the town into Sengkang East and Sengkang West. The Sengkang Town Centre is located in Compassvale. A new industrial area, 'Sengkang West Industrial Area', is to be built to the west of Jalan Kayu in the near future, bounded by a road which was completed in 2015.

The new road, Sengkang West Road, begins where Yio Chu Kang Road and Jalan Kayu intersect, passes through the extended roads of Fernvale Lane, Sengkang West Avenue, Sengkang West Way in front of the Fernvale neighbourhood, cuts through TPE across the proposed Seletar Aerospace Flyover and links to the future upgraded Seletar Aerospace Park. A section of the road between Yio Chu Kang Road and Sengkang West Avenue was opened on 13 October 2013, following the closure of Jalan Kayu along that stretch. The remaining section of the road connecting to the Seletar Aerospace Flyover, TPEand the Seletar Aerospace Park (via Seletar Aerospace Way) was opened on 16 May 2015.

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Facilities and amenities for all ages:

There are playgrounds, fitness corner for different ages and also community clubs for the residents around the neighbourhood.

Strong place of sense and belonging:

There is a playground under my block that I used to play at when I was in primary school. My friends and I will always rush down to play together after we finished our homework. It is filled with lots of our childhood memories.


There are bus stops and train station around my neighbourhood which is very convenient for us because we can go to other place easily without having to walk a long distance to get a public transport. There is also a mini market around which we can get food, stationary and some shampoos from there.

Affordable housing:

Yes for a 5 room-room flat, it is consider an affordable housing.

Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore. It was the first project undertaken by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT), a government body administered by the British colonial authority, to provide for mass public housing in Singapore. The main estate consists of about 30 apartment blocks with a total of over 900 units and also high-rise HDB flats and condominiums along Boon Tiong Road, Jalan Membina and Kim Tian Road surrounding the main estate. The apartment blocks in the main estate are made up of two to five-storey flats and the units are assorted three to five-room apartments.

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Facilities and amenities for all ages:

When we went for the Tiong Bahru Geographical Investigation, I saw some fitness corner and playgrounds around. There are also food centres around which is for the residents to get food when they are hungry.

Strong sense of place and belonging:

Many of the residents in Tiong Bahru have been living there since they were young, they have lots of memories there and most of the, does not wish to move house too. Another reason is that many of them have their next generations there too.

Affordable housing:

According to the residents, yes. The house there are older therefore it is bigger compared to the new houses for that same amount of price.