Mrs. Kuck and Mrs. Georggin, our Student Council Advisors, are so excited to get Student Council started at Willow Grove this year! It will look a little different this year, but it will still be based on bringing our community together.

What will it look like? We are not electing officer positions this year. All students will be considered Grizzly Student Council Ambassadors. We will hold Zoom meetings each month to show them how to participate in a community activity. These activities may be for WG by waving signs for upcoming events, starring in the Friday Flag videos, creating flyers for spirit days, etc.

Who can apply? Students in grades 3-5. We would also like for our virtual classrooms to share the applications with their class as well.

How will Grizzly Student Council Ambassadors be selected?

· They must pick up an application that will be placed outside the front office door beginning on Wednesday, October 21st.

· These applications will include a short 50 word paragraph explaining why they would be a good candidate and will need a parent signature.

· All applications are due back to their classroom teachers by Wednesday, October 28th.

· We are asking for each teacher to hold “elections” in their own classrooms where the candidates will read their 50 word paragraph to the class and then do a vote. We will have 1 representative from your child’s AM class and 1 representative from your child’s PM class.

· There are no posters being made this year.

Below is a google doc form of the Student Council Ambassadors application. There is also an attachment of the application.




Mrs. Rhubottom's Library

Coming In November - Library book check outs from our own library!


Please be sure that your children have all of their school materials and personal items needed for school when dropping them off for their Learning Session. The Office cannot guarantee items dropped late will be received by your child before their Learning Session is over. Thank you for your help!


Parents, please wear a mask when you bring your children on campus for their arrival screening or when you come on campus to pick them up at dismissal. Also, please have your child wait to get in your car until you are stopped at the curb area with the solid line after the crosswalk. Thank you for your help!

Willow Grove Elementary School's website



Volunteers Needed!!

Please consider signing up to help us on picture day and for the fall harvest drive by parade, volunteers are needed. If you are interested in volunteering, please join our new Volunteers Shutterfly page at https://willowgroveelementarypta.shutterfly.com to see all the opportunities. If you have any questions please contact our VP of Volunteers Chasmine Grismer at wgvpvolunteers@gmail.com.


Picture day is on Monday, October 26th and Tuesday, October 27th.

Check in Tables:

Check in tables will be located outside of the MPR. VLA/homeschool students and Volunteers check in table will be located outside by the front office. On campus will be by the amphitheater entrance.

VLA Students:

VLA students have time slots they will be able to sign up for on the sign up genius. Click on the link, look for your teachers name to sign up. Monday is slotted for AM sessions and Tuesday is slotted for PM sessions. We WILL NOT take walk ups. You will need to sign up in order to get your picture taken. Once you are signed up, come on the day and time you have selected. You will be coming to the front office to have your student screened. Once screened your student will be escorted to their assigned camera. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C054EAAA92AABFC1-picture

On Campus Students:

Classes that are on campus will come together as a class on their assigned time slot. Each class is assigned a camera that the class will be shown upon arrival. Once the class gets to the MPR, you will check into the camera section with your volunteer. Your volunteer will escort you into the MPR to your camera.

Homeschool Students:

Homeschool students are included in picture day. They will have a time slot they can sign up for on the sign up genius link. We WILL NOT take walk ups. You will need to sign up in order to get your picture taken. Once you are signed up, come on the day and time you have selected. You will be coming to the front office to have your student screened. Once screened your student will be escorted to their assigned camera. Click on the link to sign up. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C054EAAA92AABFC1-picture

Mask Protocol:

Everyone MUST wear a mask. Your student’s mask can not be removed until the student is sitting down in the seat to take their picture. Once the student is sitting, the student will be able to remove their mask and take their picture. If you do not not feel comfortable with your student taking their mask off, the student is more than welcome to take the picture with the mask on. If this is the case the student will need to come with a note stating so, so the volunteers and photographer know.

Social Distancing:

We will be practicing social distancing while waiting in line for the pictures. There will be markers for the students to stand on to maintain this. Our volunteers will also be there to help remind the students.

Volunteer/Lifetouch/Cleaning Protocol:

ALL volunteers will be screened before entering the campus. Lifetouch photographers are pre-screened at their place of work before coming to campus and will be screened again before coming onto our campus. We will have the doors opened for air flow and ALL seats will be cleaned/sanitized after every use.

Volunteer Pictures:

Volunteers will have time slots to sign up for on both days. This year it is important to sign up so that way we can control traffic. All volunteers will need to get their picture taken for their badges. Click the link to sign up. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C054EAAA92AABFC1-picture

Make up Picture Day:

Make up picture day will be 11/5/2020

Fall Harvest Drive By Parade

CALLING ALL GRIZZLIES!! Please join us over the rainbow for our first ever Fall Harvest Drive By Parade, on October 29th from 5:30pm-7:00pm. PTA invites you to follow the yellow brick road as you drive through the land of OZ. Drive through the land that is over the rainbow and see some exciting characters along the way. We will have a spider toss game at the wicked witch area and Dorothy and friends will be passing out Candy goodie bags. Our Grizzlies and their families will be able to enjoy this all from the comfort of their own car. If you would like to dress up or decorate your car, you are more than welcome to. We ask all grizzly families to please stay in your car while they enjoy the land over the rainbow.


This Halloween we challenge all grizzlies to create the spookiest, funniest, most original and best family group costumes. Submit your photos to wggrizzliesyearbook@gmail.com by November 1st for consideration in the 2020-2021 Grizzly yearbook. Winners will receive prominent placement in the yearbook. If you are feeling extra festive, send us a picture of your pumpkin carvings too. Trick or Treat!

Grizzly Gear Shop Closed:

Our Grizzly Gear Shop is now closed. Thank you to all the families for placing your grizzly orders. If you placed your last order by October 23rd your order will arrive on November 13th. An email will be sent to you when your order has arrived.

Grizzlies Got Talent

Do you have a Grizzly that wants to show off their talent? Willow Grove PTA is excited to announce our first ever Grizzlies Got Talent Show. The grizzlies that would like to participate will need to submit their applications by November 1st. Our Applications are located on our website at www.willowgrovepta.org, they also will be sent to you from your room parent.

Guidelines to Follow:

  • Participants must meet all deadlines. As we will be creating a movie of all the talents, we cannot accept any videos after the deadline.
  • All lyrics, costumes, and everything else must be “kid” friendly. No inappropriate references. No strapless costumes. Midriff must be covered. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of your child’s talent, costume, lyrics, etc. please contact us.
  • Performances must be limited to 1 minute. This is a change from the variety show, but in order to include all performances, we have limited the time.
  • Each child may only submit one talent video.
  • For this special event, grizzly alumni (graduated siblings) can participate in the video along with their sister/brother.
  • No group acts with non-family members allowed.
  • We will be adding background music to any talent video that has no music, instrument playing or talking.
  • Students who choose to show a talent that involves art, writing, etc. , please make sure to take a picture of your child holding their piece of work. We want to see your child’s face!

Important Dates:

  • Sunday, 11/1/20: Applications are due. Please email the application to WGVareityShow@gmail.com. Taking a picture of the application or scanning the application are both acceptable.
  • Friday, 11/27/20: Talent Videos are due. All videos can be submitted via email to WGVarietyShow@gmail.com. Videos should be in MP4 or MOV format are preferred. Cell phone videos are fine but may have to be converted if they are too long to be sent via email. Any questions, please send us an email!

When emailing your video/picture, please write in the subject heading: Child’s Name, Grade and Teacher.

****Along with your video, please send a picture of your child (in costume if possible). This picture will go in the yearbook.

  • Sunday, 12/10/20: SHOW TIME! All grizzlies will be emailed the link to watch Grizzlies Got Talent show! A great way to start our holiday break.

Online Book Fair

Need a great new book to read for the fall break? Gifts for the holiday or a book to read to sign up for book talk? Well, you are in luck!! Willow Grove is having our first ever online Book Fair, from November 2-15. You will be able to browse and shop all in the comfort of your own home. All orders get delivered right to your home. It's a simple click, browse, buy and sit back and wait for your goods. The website opens November 2nd, link to come November 1st.

Book Talk

Is your 5th Grader interested in being our featured grizzly for our November morning Book Talk show with Mrs. Huff? Then, they will need to complete a form for a chance to be a featured Grizzly during our Book Talk session. Students will be selected by a lottery system and notified prior to their scheduled Book Talk so they have time to read and write a review and provide their opinion about the approved book of their choice. It is now easier than ever to sign up for book talk, go to our website, www.willowgrovepta.org and click on the Grizzly TV Tab than Book Talk. The Form and the last book talk is there.

November Book Talk entry forms for 5th graders are due by October 27th.

Once selected you will get an email for your Grizzly with the questions and also information on how to record and send in the video. You will be able to select if you would like your Grizzly featured on Grizzly TV (Audio and visual) or Grizzly Radio (Audio only). We will be hosting a book talk once a month, below is the schedule for the book talk. Look at the attachment for form.

Please consider becoming a PTA Member and help us build our rainbow!

Individual memberships are only $20 each.

Joining is now easier than ever: Go to www.willowgrovepta.org and click memberships to get started.

Why join the PTA when our kids are learning from home?

The purpose of the PTA is to create a community and connect children and families together. More than ever, this connection is vital to the emotional and mental health of our kids.

How can we connect kids when they aren't in school?

With your membership and donations, the PTA is ready to help our kids connect with each other through a variety of online and interactive virtual experiences including science, art, Grizzlies Got Talent and a Fall Harvest Drive-by Parade. Over the summer, the district repaved the playground blacktop. We will use your membership and donations towards repainting the blacktop, supporting teachers, replacing playground equipment (i.e. soccer nets) and making sure it's ready when the doors of Willow Grove open again. Membership is open to everyone! Each person in the family can become a PTA member—parents, grandparents, educators, students and friends. Becoming a member doesn’t require you to volunteer, though we always welcome your time and talent!

Don't forget to ask your employer to match your donation. See if your company is on the corporate matching list. If you see them on the list, contact your HR or Corporate Giving department and let them know you would like them to match! We are only as strong as we are united.



Thank you to all of our supportive Grizzly families for making the Back to School Auction a huge success. We raised almost $18,000!! This money will support all the WGEF funded programs. During these unusual times, every dollar counts. Thank you again - we couldn’t do it without you!


Let’s raise funds for a cause that you care about…. our Grizzly’s education! Donating now to the Grizzly Growth Fund helps to keep our incredible IMPACT TEACHERS in grades K-5 and FUND THE GAP of nearly $2000 per pupil between California’s funding and the national average. Every donation counts. Every dollar makes a difference. Every effort is appreciated. Mail in your green envelope with your pledge card OR donate online today at www.willowgrovefoundation.org.

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Willow Grove Elementary School, Home of the Grizzlies, is a TK-5 elementary school located in San Diego, CA, and is part of Poway Unified School District.