EMDR Live Webinar Phase One

Assessment and Target Sequence Plans by Crystal Arber

Targets I am so confused?!

For the purpose of case conceptualization using EMDR, phase one is an important phase of EMDR. Without a thorough and complete assessment, target sequence planning can be confusing and even overwhelming. This presentation will explore how an assessment can be used to organize targets using the three prongs of past, present and future while paying special attention to the client’s goals. In this presentation both chronological and symptom informed target sequence plans will be explored. This will include how symptom informed target sequence plans can be used to effectively eliminate PTSD symptoms for first responders and the military.

EMDRIA Credits: 2.0

EMDR Live Webinar Phase One

Wednesday, June 17th, 1-3pm

This is an online event.

Pacific Standard Time Vancouver Canada

Eastern Standard Time: 4:00pm

For more information and registration please go to https://crystalarber.com/emdr-live-webinar/

Full EMDR Training Required: Eligibility for EMDRIA Credits is restricted to those who have

completed an EMDRIA-Approved Basic EMDR Training

Crystal Arber maintains responsibility for this program and its content in accordance with EMDRIA


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