Africa's Geographic features!

By Anah Weesner

The Nile River

The Nile river flows through 8 countries for 4,160 miles making it the longest river in the world. It starts in Central Africa and ends down in The Mediterranean Sea. That makes it even longer than the width of the United States of America. Did you know that you can bungee jump into the Nile? Just make sure you do it with a professional (there are crazy huge animals living in it).

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is huge!! It stretches from the Atlantic ocean to the red sea and is 3,500,000 square miles! This large oasis has many components including:sand, rock, mountains, oases, and transition zones. Although it may sound amazing, it is brutal. There are strong winds constantly blowing, lack of water, extremely high temperatures, sparse vegetation, and overall, one of the harshest climates in the world.

Some of the Fun Activities of Africa

The Great Rift Valley

This amazing feature is 3,700 miles long and from top to bottom can be 7,300 feet! The fault system extends from central Mozambique to northern Syria. This valley runs through Lebanon, Jordan Valley, Syria, Dead Sea, Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, and the Gulf of Aden. When you visit this, you'll find that it is beautifully amazing and you might even get to travel from one country to another. After a long day of the warm heat you can visit the cool lakes such as Lake Victoria and Lake Nyasa.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Located in tanzania, it is the highest mountain in Africa. Are you ready for an adventure? Come climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I promise you wont regret it! When you visit this mountain, you can know that you climbed an extinct volcano! When you visit Africa, Come see this beautiful site.
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