Lights! Camera! Fashion!

French fashion now and then.

From poofy princess dresses to fashionable scarves France has always been an inspiration to the world. French style is romantic and classic. They find the right pair of clothes almost every time.

Fashion passion!

Before seeing all these amazing clothes you need to find out who have made some. There is Christian lacroix, Coco Chanel and Karl lagerfeld ( lagerfelt ). These are some of the best fashion designers some dead some alive either way they are dead or living legends.
Zuhair Murad – Fall Winter 2015/2016 Haute Couture Show in Paris

Back in time⏳⌛️

Everything has a beginning and France's fashion beginging is a interesting beginning. After the French revaluation French women were the first to abandon fancy clothes. Ballroom clothes to be persise. They started wearing long flowing dresses based on the Greeks and Romans. In the 1800s dresses were not very pleasing to the eye but we're very comfortable. Journal Des dames et des modes was made in the 18th century. Now we have an old copy of the journal and it features hats, gowns, dresses, and bonnets. Now you might be asking " "gowns and dresses are the same thing." But that is not true. Gowns are more formal and dresses are way more casual.
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Chocolate fashion show

Chocolate fashion show in France - no comment


What would you do if you had a dress made out of chocolate or cupcakes. Would you eat it or would you save it for your birthday party. This fashion show has real dresses made out of real chocolate and cupcakes. By the way I don't know whitch ones are made out of the chocolate and which ones aren't.

Bonjour La Mode 👗

Even today France is the fashion inspiration. Both men and women wear beautiful and elegant clothing. As a result the American tourists feel under dressed compared to the French. One of the rules in France is to wear well fitting shirts and clothing. Baggy shirts are popular in North America and are not aloud to be worn outside. You can only wear them in privacy in your home because the French prefer a more tidy look. When it gets hot in summer a lot of men and women do not wear shorts. Instead men wear capris made of light fabric. Women will also wear capris and They will also wear mini patterned skirts. Both men and women will wear t-shirts or button down shirts. They wear sandals and flip flops. They will only wear sneakers when exercising. They do not wear traditional white sneakers. Instead they wear slim fitting fashion sneakers. The scarf is the favorite acsessory for men and women. Elegantly tied. Knitted wool scarves protect the neck during winter and fall. Women don't just wear them in these cold hearted snowy seasons they also wear them in the summer and spring. During these hot seasons wool or Cotten scarves are more appropriate for the hot weather. They will drape it across their shoulder and walk on their way. As you you now know French fashion is very highly fancy.

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