Find You On My Knees By: Kari Jobe

By: Stephanie Agbemaple

Rhythm / Beat

1 2 1 2 11 2 11 2 1 22 11


• The Fibonacci series appears in aspects of art, life, & even music.

• It has 13 notes in its span of any note through its octave.

• The 5th & 3rd note create basic foundation of all chords.

• Its based on a tone which are combination of 2 steps and is the 1st note of the scale

Music Notes



The Pythagorean scale is any scalewhich may be constructed from only pure perfect fifths (3:2) and octaves (2:1)[3] or the gamut of twelve pitches constructed from only pure perfect fifths and octaves, and from which specific scales may be drawn (see Generated collection). For example, the series of fifths generated above gives seven notes, a diatonic major scale on C in Pythagorean tuning, shown in notation on the top right. In Greek music it was used to tune tetrachords and the twelve tone Pythagorean system was developed by medieval music theorists using the same method of tuning in perfect fifths, however there is no evidence that Pythagoras himself went beyond the tetrachord.

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