The Jag News

FM9 Student-Led News Source - December 16, 2016

Student Printing Issues

PRINTING ALERT: We are experiencing district-wide problems with student printing to campus printers. For students to print successfully, they are requested to share the document or file with a teacher. Teachers will need to be the ones who send the document to the printer. Please continue with this process until further notice. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Patriotic Jag Shirts

Boys Basketball is selling the patriotic JAGS t-shirts DURING ALL LUNCHES TODAY. Shirts are short sleeve and $15 (cash only). Get your shirt NOW!!

Time to Rally the Jaguar Nation

Your Jaguar football team needs your help! Two of our very own Flower Mound Jaguars are up for awards! The winners are selected by voting, so we encourage everyone to spread the word and vote!

WFAA Defensive Player of the Year

Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Super Team

Let’s stuff the ballot box with votes ... GO JAGS!!!

Lunch Playlist

If you would like to request a song to play during lunch on Fridays, then submit your request here. Song recommendations must be school appropriate in order to be added to the playlist.

Jaguar Sports Calendar

December 16

Lady Jags Basketball vs. LD Bell

  • 4:30pm - JV1 @ FMHS Arena

  • 4:30pm - JV2 vs. Coppell HS @ FMHS Silver Gym

  • 6pm - Varsity @ FMHS Arena

  • 6pm - FM9B @ FMHS Navy Gym

  • 7:30m - FM9A @ FMHS Navy Gym

Jaguar Basketball vs. LD Bell

  • 4:30pm - JV1 @ FMHS Navy Gym

  • 6pm - FM9A @ FMHS Silver Gym

  • 7:30pm - FM9B @ FMHS Silver Gym

  • 7:30pm - Varsity @ FMHS Arena

Leaving So Soon?

We only have 11 days of class left in the fall semester. It's almost time to say goodbye to our current classes and transition into new ones for the spring. This has been a great first semester of high school. We are no longer new and unsure of our paths. We are more experienced and know how best to handle what is still ahead for us in the years to come. We still have one more semester at FM9, and we're going to be missing a few things about our fall classes.

What are you going to miss about your classes?

  • "I'm going to miss the friends made, my biology teacher."
  • "The people in some classes."
  • "I'm going to miss my English class, because I love to read."
  • "Teachers."
  • "People I've met and my teachers."
  • "I'm going to miss the fun projects in Geometry."
  • "Teachers."
  • "I'm going to miss A Lunch, because I have D Lunch in the spring."
  • "Seeing my friends in class everyday."
  • "I'm going to miss my teachers, especially Mr. Fails; he's hilarious, and having all the easy classes with all my friends."
  • "I'm going to miss Journalism and writing for The Jag News each day."

Written By: Sophie Slaughter and Samantha VanOverschelde