IPS Exam Study Guide

By melanie cave

Lab Safety

  • keep goggles on face
  • Nurse Ext: 2828
  • Never taste chemicals
  • always waft liquids to detect odor
  • safety equitment in class room:
  • a. fire extuisher
  • b. fire blanket
  • c. eye wash/ shower

Scientific Method

1. identify problem

2. Gather Info

3. Form Hypothesis/ theory

4. Perform experiment

5. Analyze data

6. Conclusion

Reaction In a Bag

Purpose: to record Observations that occur when substances are combined

Ch. 1 Vocab

  • observation: info. obtained by the senses often by direct measurement
  • inference: a conclusion based upon known observations
  • hypothesis: a proposed solution to a scientific problem
  • control group: the group that is the standard for comparison in any experiment
  • experimental group: the group receiving the variable being tested control factors: the variable that held constant they are the same for both the groups and the experimental group
  • indicator: a substance used to show the presence of another substance
  • volume: the amount of space something occupies. true of solids, liquids, and gases
  • mass: the amount of matter in a substances (true of solids, liquids, and gases)

Baking Soda lab

Purpose: to observe and record the reaction that occurs when baking soda is heated

experimental errors: