LV Technology

Nathan McGinnity


Every class we start with five minutes of typing. You use a website called where you try to type as accurate and fast as possible. Every semester we must have a certain amount of typing lessons done to get a 3 or 4.

Career Locker

In this unit the class uses a website called Career Locker. You take multiple tests to see what the best jobs for you are and what you are like. In addition to that we also learn about different careers and what path you need to take to get to it.

Haiku Deck

This unit comes right after the career locker unit. You make a Haiku Deck presentation. It shows your dream job, facts about it, and what educational path you will take to get it. You then present it to the rest of the class.


In this unit, you make a iMovie trailer. This trailer is for a movie about you or a tale about you. You put in pictures of you, your family, your fiends, and other things you want to put in it. When you are finished and when the project is due, you may choose to share it with the rest of the class.


In this unit, you use the website You watch videos and complete lessons about learning to code and program by completing various things. To get a 3, you must complete a certain amount of lessons.

Explain Everything

This is a project you must make a Explain Everything presentation. You get to choose a math problem and walk through how to solve it in the explain everything. You write on the page and speak to explain the problem. This unit shows us how to work explain everything and other apps like it.