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The Shelby County Area Technology Center aspires to leave a legacy of students who strive to be lifelong learners, think critically, become skilled employees, and view community involvement and responsibility as a welcomed obligation.

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New Staff

Please welcome following staff members to the ATC

Social Emotional Learning: PBIS and ODR Process Reminders

Office Referral Procedure: When you need to send a student to the office please follow this procedure.

Major behaviors. Please note that students should be sent to the office for major behaviors ONLY. Please DO NOT send a student without calling first.

Minor behaviors should be handled by the adult witnessing the behavior. If you would like help developing a plan for a student please contact Nick Hall. For help identifying minor and major behaviors please see the PBIS folder on the U: drive or the Tiered Behavior handout.

1. Fill out the ODR

  • Give specific information, but remember parents will be reading them stick to the fact
  • DO NOT put other students’ names in the ODR. Each student involved needs a separate ODR. If there is a student victim only include initials.
  • Send ODR with student or place in Joe’s mailbox.

2. Call Nick Hall (75153) BEFORE you send the student

  • If Nick isn’t available call Linda (75250) or Donna (75400)
  • Please DO NOT send a student without calling first
  • NEVER send a student to the Mindful Moments Room. These are scheduled interactions [More information coming soon]
  • Only send student the office after speaking with Nick, Joe, or office team member.
  • Students need a pink pass so we know when they left the classroom.
  • If you are unable to complete the ODR at the time of the incident please make sure to give office staff details over the phone, so Nick or Joe can process with the student

Strategies in the classroom:

  • Reflect on instructional practices; what's working? what's not working; adjust, modify and differentiate (content, process, & product).
  • Continue to embed ENVoY into daily practices.
  • Continue to embed Culturally Relevant Teaching strategies into daily practices.
  • Restorative Circles/Practices.
  • Brain Break or Reflection area in the classroom
  • Buddy Rooms/Reflections Sheets [NIck will provide copies of Reflection sheets to you by end of the week]
  • Mindfulness Techniques like YogaCalm, Breathing exercises, etc.
  • Phone call or email home
  • Walk and Talk with ESP or Teacher [We can provide classroom coverage if an instructional ESP is not available]
  • Apply strategies we identifies a staff last school year. Here is the link to the documented we collaboratively developed last school year.
  • Please follow this to Polk County Schools and/or this link to Intervention Central for additional supports and interventions for students.
  • Remember to document interventions that you are using to support student Social Emotional Learning in your classrooms.

Strategies outside of the classroom:

  • Connect/consult with NIck and Joe
  • Utilize District Supports Staff - Ryan Bisson (SDAS), Jamie Boyle (ATTPS),Hannah Storm (Equity Teacher), Sharla Foster (Equity Specialist focused on Families and Students),
  • Utilize your grade level team and other professionals we have on staff for support and consultation

Active Recess is coming soon!

The purpose of Active Recess is to increase physical activity to improve students heath, to support academic success, and to improve playground climate.


  1. Increase physical activity and movement during recess
  2. Create space for student voice and choice during recess
  3. Reduce transition time for students reentering the building
  4. Reduce ODR's
  5. Increase student engagement and learning after recess

Program and implementation details will be sent to staff soon. We are gathering feedback from ESP teachers and adjusting some of our original ideas based on their insights and experience at recess. We may need to meet with grade levels again to explicitly teach the games and expectations as we move towards implementation of the Active Recess model. If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas please see Joe or Nick.

ENVoY Coaching-what’s in it for me?

Some of you might be wondering what ENVoY coaching is, and why I’m sending out so many emails asking for people to sign up.

What is ENVoY coaching? 1:1 professional development in your teaching space, tailored to your needs. When an ENVoY coach observes, the look for behaviors of productivity that are already happening between you and your students, and provide suggestions for how they can happen even more. Their feedback is non-evaluative, and if there are skills that you want to work on, or students that you want ideas for, they can tailor their feedback specifically for you.

When can I sign up? You can sign up for any time that you interact with students. Maybe you want help right after recess when your kids come in crazy, or maybe you want help with transitions in the hallway. If you are an ESP, maybe you want ideas for how to enter a classroom and join in with the teacher’s instruction right away, or ideas for how to collaborate with other staff. Sign up for any time you work with students, and schedule feedback during a time that works for you (either right after the observation, or later during a prep/after school).

Interested in getting some coaching? Use the following LINK to sign up for coaching with Nancy and Nati this Wednesday. Additional coaching dates with ENVoY coaches will be coming soon. Coaching dates with your building coach, Johanna Mueller, will be coming soon as well.



About Us...

The Shelby County Area Technology Center aspires to leave a legacy of students who strive to be lifelong learners, think critically, become skilled employees, and view community involvement and responsibility as a welcomed obligation.

Shelby County ATC serves high school students grades 9-12 from Shelby, Collins, Eminence and Spencer in the areas of Health Sciences, Information Technology, Business, Automotive, Diesel, Machine Tool, Industrial Maintenance, and Welding.

Dr. Sara Greene Meadway

Greetings -

I am Sara Greene Meadway, Principal of the Shelby County Area Technology Center. This school year will be my 9th year here at the ATC. I served as Assistant Principal for several years before becoming Principal in the summer of 2020. I am excited to see the great things our students will accomplish this year here at the ATC. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything at all. I look forward to meeting everyone and working together to prepare your student for their Career!