World Wildlife Fund

Since 1961

How Does This Charity Help

World Wild Fund helps by conserving the the flora and fauna of the world. It also will help by finding a solution to animal cruelty and will protect the rare endangered species of the world. The fund provides care to homeless animals in need of help.

How can People Help This Charity

World Wildlife Fund can be help by adopting an animal to keep as a pet. You can make a donation to the fund and join the World Wildlife Fund. Citizens can also help by organising a fundraising event about the endangered animals.

What is their latest Project.

The World Wildlife funds latest project is Reef relief in a sea of delay deferral. This means they stop ships from entering wrong areas in the barrier reef. Another is stopping deforestation so animals can live.

Four Interesting Facts

1)The World Wildlife fund has been protecting animals since 1961.

2)The fund is working in over 100 different countries.

3)There are more than 5 million supporters on WWF.

4)It is the worlds biggest animal conserving organisation.