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...what's been going on in 7th Grade Life Science?

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Wrapping Up the Third Nine-Weeks

As we finish up the 3rd 9-week grading period and move into Spring, I wanted to give you a quick update from Life Science. Since students returned, in January, we have been heavily focused on Genetics. We have just concluded this major unit and started our unit of Evolution this week. Here is a list of what we've recently accomplished and what's ahead:

Genetics- Just Completed:

-Unit Vocabulary

-Punnett Squares- Complete Dominance, Incomplete Dominance, Co-Dominance, Sex-Linked Traits, Dihybrid

-Gregor Mendel

-Pedigree Charts

-Selective Breeding

-DNA Structure, Discovery, & Replication


-Genetic Disorders

Evolution- Currently Studying:

-Unit Vocabulary

-The Evidence of Evolution


-Survival of the Fittest & Natural Selection

-Charles Darwin

-The Moths of Manchester, England

-Speciation & the Galapagos Finches

-Gradualism & Punctuated Equilibrium

Taxonomy/Classification- Coming Soon:

-Unit Vocabulary

-Using a Dichotomous Key

-Classifying Organisms

-Domain & Kingdom Characteristics

Science in Action

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Georgia Milestones Fast Approaching

We are constantly recycling previously learned AKS during our warm-up journal time. This is one way that students can continuously use the information that they have learned earlier in the year. We attempt to continuously build and link new concepts to older concepts. As we get closer to the new standardized assessment, at the end of April, we will begin focusing even more on reviewing prior content. Keeping an excellent interactive notebook will greatly benefit your child when we begin reviewing.
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Science District Developed Assessment

The 3rd 9-Week DDA will be given for Science on Thursday, March 19th. All content for this quarter will be assessed to see how your child is achieving compared to other Gwinnett County students.