American Civil War North vs. South

Causes and during The Civil War. And North vs. South

Causes of The Civil War

Economic Differences:

Southern view: Because of Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin, the South made their economy a one-crop economy.

Northern view: Rather than agriculture, the North focused more on industry. Infact the North was actually purchasing the raw cotton from the South, turning it into finished goods, and then selling it again. This disperity between the economies was an obvioious fact of the twos seperation.

States vs. Federal rights:

Southern view: States' rights-The idea that states have the right to limit the power of the federal government. (in other words, more power to the states)

Northern view: Federal rights-The idea that the federal government should have more power over the states. (in other words, more power to the federal government)


Southern view: People in the South feared that the abolishment of slavery would send the South into bankrupt. Slavery, for the South was the thing keeping their economy going.

Northern view: Many people in the North opposed slavery. They felt it was wrong and inhuman.


Southern view: The South wanted lower taxes on foreign goods. Back then, it was cheaper to buy goods by sea. It cost more and was harder to trade goods by land.

Northern view: North wanted higher taxes on foreign goods. The North sold most of their goods by sea. They wanted the taxes to raise to make their goods more profitable.

Cultural Differances:

Southern view: Farmers, rural, less educated

Northern view: Factory workers, urban, more educated

General Information

The war started when Confederates fired upon Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. The last of all the Confederates surrendered on June 23, 1865. There were over 1 million casualties for both sides. The Union won the war when Lee surrendered at Appomattox.

Jefferson Davis: President of the Confederate States of America

Jefferson Davis was elected president right after the states secceded. He was the president until the Civil War was lost.

Robert E. Lee: Main general for the Confederacy

Before his state seceeded he was a colonel for the U.S. Jefferson Davis selcted him to be a general and fully in command of The Army Of Northern Virginia. He was captured at Appatommox, where he surrendered, promising to never fight against the Union with arms again.

Abraham Lincoln: President of the United States

Abraham Lincoln was elected in the White House on 1861, and was in office till 1865. He always opposed slavery and issued the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all the slaves in the U.S. He played a big part and encouraged the North to fight what they thought was right.

Ullysses S. Grant: General for the Union

Was a highly respected and successful general of the Civil War. Also, he was the 18th president of the United States. He commanded the 21st Illinois Infantry Regiment and many others. Made Robert E. Lee surrender at the Appomattox campaign.

Advantages and disadvantages of the North and South.

North: 23 states and 22 million people
South: 11 states and 9 million people, 3,5 million slaves

North: 2.1 million in the army, 178,000 blacks fought, 130,000 came from the South
South: 600,000-1.5 million (estimated)

President/Army Leader:
North: President: Abraham Lincoln-Had good reputation and supported the end of slavery
Army Leader: Ulysses S. Grant-Experienced, and great general that made Lee surrender at Appomattox
South: Jefferson Davis-Bad reputation, even from the south
Army Leader: Robert E. Lee-Also experienced, and great general

Other Advantages for the North:
  • Industrial power
  • More wealth
  • More railroads
  • Controlled ships

Other Disadvantages for the North:
  • Weak motivation
  • Unaggressive officers
  • Harder to defend coastlines
  • Far from home
  • More land to defend

Other Advantages for the South:

  • Other outstanding generals
  • Strong military tradition
  • Strong motivation
  • Skilled with guns
  • Cotton funding

Other Disadvantages for the South:

  • Low value paper money

Confederate Flag

Union Flag