Gene Therapy

History of gene therapy

Gene therapy is the use of genetic material DNA or RNA as medicine classical gene therapy involves the introduction of functional gene in the form of DNA to replace mutated genes. Its treat, cures,, or ultimately prevent disease by changing the expression of a persons gene.

Key people

Jesse Gelsinger `

Dr. James Wilson

Dr. Mark Batsaw

First experiments

Jesse Gelsinger had a rare disease and volunteered to be provided with the experiment. He died because gene therapy is for babies who have a rare disease and Jesse was only 15. he suffered from ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency.


Gene therapy may be classified into the two following:

Somatic and Germline gene therapy

Somatic includes treating just the faulty genes by replacing them with the correct genes.


It helps cure disease and it can be also be used as medicine.


There have been deaths and side affects that were undocumented and unchecked by the government.


Dr. Raper helped Jesse be provided with gene therapy


To cure people that had a disease or that were ill.


Its was used for medicine and treat genetic illness.


They experimented on humans with illness and cure diseased people.