A Matter of Trust

Favorite Book

Interesting facts About the Author

Anne Schraff ,

  • learned to read at age three and a half
  • sold her first story when she was just starting college

What is it about?

A Matter of Trust is about a family who has there own secrets and they don't want anyone to know. In the end they all pull together to help a family member that is in trouble.

Summary of the book

Brisana and Darcy have been best friends since freshmen year at Bluford High. Lately, Darcy has been spending more time with Tarah and Cooper, the low-class people. Cooper is good friends with Hakeem. Brisana considers them trash and unworthy of mingling with and ends her friendship with Darcy. Darcy enjoys hanging out Tarah and Cooper despite their lower status. Hakeem is frequently ridiculed for his stuttering. During his Shakespeare presentation, he stutters and feels humiliated. Darcy quickly defends him in class. Hakeem explains to Darcy that how her gesture further embarrass him, similar to his mother and the mothers of children who mocked him in the past. Over the past few weeks, the friendship of Darcy Wils and Hakeem Randalls blossoms into a love relationship. As Darcy spends more time with her new friends Tarah and Cooper, her best friend Brisana attempts to become better acquainted with Hakeem. Darcy catches Hakeem with Brisana a few times and learns. Trust is tested among lovers and friends.