The Muraski Tribune: Issue 3

Your weekly communication about all things Muraski.

Update from the Principal

Good Afternoon Muraski Families,

We just wrapped up an incredible week, where we got to spend 5 days with your kids, learning, growing, and building relationships through all sorts of different activities. It has been so great to see students in our classrooms, coming TOGETHER as classes, but more importantly as a Muraski family. The connection that our students get to create during the time they spend at their elementary schools is a special one. I've seen that connection start to develop in our youngest learners and only grow stronger with our older students in the building. We will continue to foster that through our instruction, but also through our PBIS program that we call PRIDE.

PRIDE is simple, as the overarching concept is taking PRIDE in your self, taking PRIDE in your classroom, and taking PRIDE in your school, but PRIDE means more than that.

P stands for being Prepared, ready to tackle all the things that come our way.

R stands for being Respectful, working to be kind and supportive of everyone that steps foot in our building.

I stands for being Inclusive, accepting everyone for who they are and including them in what we do at our school.

D stands for being Determined, pushing through obstacles that we face in school and in life.

E stands for being Engaged, taking an active role in the learning and activities that are presented here at Muraski.

If we can be these things TOGETHER, demonstrating PRIDE in our school, we can make Muraski a special place to come learn and grow each day. That is our mission, creating an environment that promotes small wins for every student, every day!

Have a Great Weekend,

Mike Griffen & Katie Hawk

Lunchroom Adjustment

On Monday, August 30th, your child(ren) will experience an adjustment to our cafeteria procedures. Below, is a list of details and a rationale for why this decision was made:

  • In order to provide as many students as possible with 6 feet of social distancing during our lunch blocks, lunch will now be held in our gymnasium instead of the cafeteria. The gymnasium is the largest room in our building and allows us to distance students more than the cafeteria. in turn, our cafeteria will now be used as our gym for Physical Education.

  • Students will be seated at desks and/or tables in the gym. I believe we can provide every student with 6 feet and more personalized space by making this adjustment.

  • Even though students wont wear masks during lunch, the 6 feet of spacing will result in NO DIRECT CONTACTS when contact tracing occurs, per the guidance from the health department.

  • Students who choose to wear a mask in our school, which is highly recommended, would never have to quarantine in the event of a direct contact because they would be more than 3 feet masked in classrooms and 6 feet during lunch.

This adjustment will help us continue to promote the health and safety of all students and staff at school.


Friday, Sep. 3rd, 6:30pm

20270 Royalton Road

Strongsville, OH

  • Free student tickets with the purchase of an adult ticket.
  • Be in the tunnel that cheers on players as they run on to the field.
  • Enjoy a night out with the Muraski Family
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Click the Link Below for this month's Counselor Connection

Picture Day @ Muraski

Thursday, Sep. 9th, 8:30am-3:30pm

20270 Royalton Road

Strongsville, OH

You should have received the flyer below last week, as Picture Day is Thursday, September 9th. We won't be doing full class pictures, rather we will organize individual shots into a class arrangement, as was the case last year.


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Please support our children and the PTA, by participating in our Fall Fundraiser. There is still time to order, SEPTEMBER 3rd is the Deadline. You can order here by clicking the link below:


Thanks for your support!

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Spanish Club

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Mustangs Lacrosse: Free Skills Clinics

It’s that time of year again! Time for free lacrosse Fall skills clinics. These are for current players as well as kids who want to try out lacrosse as a new sport.

We are also looking for donations of old equipment for new players to try the sport. Please contact us if you have some to borrow or spare.

Please see the link below for more information:


After my communication regarding the first case of COVID-19 in our school this year, I received several follow questions, so I want to provide the following clarification:

When there is a POSITIVE Case within the school the following steps are taken:

  1. Contact tracing is completed, identifying areas including the bus, classroom, cafeteria, playground, and hallways where direct contact (as identified by district communication) could have occurred.
  2. If your child is identified as a direct contact, you will receive a phone call from our office to notify you of when this occurred.
  3. A letter will be sent to ALL families, informing them that there was a positive case in the school. Again, if your child is a direct contact, you will receive a phone call.
  4. If the positive case is a student who rides a bus, ALL families who ride that specific bus will receive a letter informing them that there was a positive case on their bus. Again, if your child is a direct contact based on contact tracing on the bus, you will receive a phone call.

Repeat Item: When Should You Keep Your Child Home?


In order to do your part in preventing the spread of germs, it is imperative that we are frequently doing symptom checks of our children at home. If your child is displaying any of the following symptoms, please keep them home and inform our front office. We will work to ensure that your child stays up to date with assignments and the teaching taking place in the classroom:

  • A fever of 100.4 degrees or higher. This is one of the strongest Covid Symptoms
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Persistent cough or runny nose
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat

We need you to assist in helping us, by monitoring for these symptoms on a daily basis, and keeping your child home if they aren't feeling well.


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Meet the ENCORE Team: Music, Art, & PE


Repeat Item: Grading for Music, Art, & PE

When looking at grades for these courses, please know that they are standards based and NOT traditional percentages/letter grades like you may be used to in the

past few years.

M= Standard Met

P= Progressing to Standard

N= Standard Not Yet Met

In order for our system to turn the student’s performance into standards- based grading, we have to put it in as a percentage. Each grade level and department has standards that students are working toward and this is what is being evaluated.

Although you may see a percentage, please ignore the percentage and look at the progression toward the STANDARD (M, N, P). Grades are not utilized in the sense that a traditional grading system uses them. You will see somewhere between a 50% and a 100%, but again, focus on the M, N, or P, as that is the official mark; the percentage is just a placeholder.

Repeat Item: Counseling Services through Nancy Lowrie & Associates

Dear Parents/Guardians of Strongsville City School Students:

We are writing to tell you about an exciting opportunity for you and your child. Strongsville City Schools have a well -established partnership with a Behavioral Health Private Practice, Nancy Lowrie & Associates, LLC, (NLA), that specializes in child therapy, adolescent therapy, and family counseling. All NLA therapists are Masters-level and licensed by the State of Ohio. They are able to diagnose and treat all emotional and behavioral health concerns.

We are pleased to be able to offer you the chance to work with an Ohio Licensed Clinical Therapist in an effort to improve your child’s well being. The following are just some examples of the topics we address in individual, group, or family sessions:

• Strategies for managing relationships with peers, parents and teachers

• Development of social skills and communication

• Ability to deal with teasing and bullying

• Understanding and treating addictions

• Coping skills for anger management, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and mood disorders • Fostering good choices by decreasing impulsivity and distractibility

• Managing family problems

• Gender Identity Concerns

• Controlling Eating Disorders and Self-harm

Best of all, NLA is able to offer you this service at your school. NLA will send our trained therapists to your school to meet with your child individually during the school day or via teletherapy. Also, to make this easier for you, NLA counseling services are covered under most health insurance plans, including State Medicaid, Medicaid HMO’s (CareSource, Paramount, and Buckeye) and most private health insurance plans (Medical Mutual, Anthem, Aetna, Cleveland Clinic, etc). NLA does all the clinical work plus does the actual insurance billing for you.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to receive confidential sessions with a caring clinician. If you are interested in participating in this program, please return the bottom of this letter to your child’s school counselor. An NLA therapist will call to schedule an initial meeting with you to get your child started in the program and verify your insurance information.

Sincerely, Nancy Lowrie & Associates, LLC


Repeat Item: Stay Safe. Speak Up! Student Hotline

Students who believe they have been harassed, bullied, victimized by fellow students, or have other concerns which may jeopardize the safety of students, employees, or school facilities, are asked to Speak Up! and promptly report the issue using our District’s student/parent hotline – accessible both online and by telephone.

CLICK HERE to access information via our district website.

Repeat Item: Health Protocols from the District

Wearing Masks on the Bus

Per the CDC, all students and staff must wear a mask on a school bus, whether coming to/from school or for an athletic/music trip. CLICK HERE for the mask exemption form, if needed. A new form will need to be completed along with medical or religious documentation if a student is requesting an exemption for the 2021-2022 school year.

Wearing Masks in School

It is recommended that all staff and students wear masks in school, especially those that are unvaccinated, yet it is not required. Please read below and become familiar with the quarantine protocols. The best way to significantly reduce the risk of being quarantined and to stay in school is to wear a mask.

Student Isolation Protocols

If your child tests positive for COVID, s/he is required to isolate at home for then (10) days from the date of the positive test or the onset of symptoms.

Student Quarantine Protocols for Unvaccinated Students Wearing a Mask

If your child is unvaccinated, wearing a mask and identified as a direct contact to someone at school that is COVID positive, s/he will not have to quarantine as long as your child has no symptoms and was at least 3 feet apart. If your child was less than 3 feet, s/he will have to quarantine. You can CLICK HERE for a flow chart detailing the quarantine procedures we will follow.

Student Quarantine Protocols for Unvaccinated Students NOT Wearing a Mask

If your child is unvaccinated, not wearing a mask and identified as a direct contact to someone at school that is COVID positive, s/he will have to quarantine. You can CLICK HERE for a flow chart detailing the quarantine procedures we will follow.

Supporting Students in Isolation/Quarantine

When a student is in isolation/quarantine, teachers will provide the student with their assignments and support through Google Classroom. Additionally, teachers will live stream classroom instruction and/or provide instructional videos. Teachers are only required to live stream instruction for students in isolation/quarantine.

Parent Requests/Masking

If parents at the elementary level request teacher support/feedback in terms of having their child wear a mask at school, we will do the best we can to help out. This means that we will remind the child and share feedback to the parent on how they are doing during the initial weeks of the school year, if requested.

Student Insensitivity/Bullying for Masking

If we have students acting inappropriately towards someone that is wearing a mask or not wearing a mask, we will address it in accordance with our code of conduct in the same manner we handle any other situation of inappropriate behavior for name calling, bullying, etc.


The “Back to School” online Mustangs Team Shop is open now through Sunday, August 29.

Shop for lots of great Strongsville gear, including personalized items! Visit for the complete selection of items.

A portion of sales will be donated back to Strongsville City Schools.

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