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Whew! We made it!

It's been an exciting week here at SIG Yale. Six full days of classes are challenging and we are all looking forward to a weekend full of fun! On Wednesday we all enjoyed the staff talents at a Staff Variety Show. Check out some of the videos below. Yesterday, each counselor group presented a group banner and song. Everyone was so creative! Here's to looking forward to what the next few days hold!

SIG Happenings: July 3


Staff Talent Show

Staff has talent!

The following videos are musical pieces from the talent show.

Resident Assistant Sean and Counselor Kristina sing together for the camp.

Housemaster Asha inspires with a rendition of the US National Anthem.

2013 sig Yale staff talent
Sig staff talent show Yale 2013

Counselor Group Banners

Fourth of July Picnic

We had a great time having a huge picnic outside with other summer programs at Yale. The food was great, weather even better! Happy Independence Day!