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March 21, 2016

Why Aren't Hispanic Families Enrolling?

A little over a week, the Roche Center at Boston College released a report entitled, “Catholic Schools in an Increasingly Hispanic Church.” The report produces stunning numbers. For example, of the 14.6 million school-age Catholics, 13.69% attend a Catholic school. However, almost 55% of that number are Hispanics (8 million). Only 300 thousand Hispanic Catholics attend Catholic schools (3.75%). Which means that approximately 25% of the non-Hispanic Catholic population attends Catholic schools.

This means that the market for Catholic schools is wide open. Consider 75% of the non-Hispanic Catholic population; consider 97% of the growing Hispanic Catholic population; even consider the non-Catholic population.

But let’s pause for a second. If 97% of a company’s target market is not buying, we need to ask why. It can’t simply be money. What if Catholic schools were tuition-free? Would they be full? I read the article "Resiliency Ruined by Routine" about Howard Johnson's restaurants and I wonder if we aren't carrying out our routines in the face of evidence that we aren't meeting the needs of our market.

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time at a fantastic Catholic school where 95% of the school’s population is Hispanic. However, the pastor estimated that only 5% of his parish’s student population was attending the Catholic school. Why? It wasn’t all about the money, he said. It’s partly about the value the families place on it as well as the welcome they feel (or don’t feel).

I doubt there’s one answer which applies to all schools. But all schools better figure out why in their context Catholic families are not signing up—especially the growing number of Hispanic families.

My Montana readers might be saying, “This doesn’t really apply to us.” Yes, with only a 3% estimated Hispanic population, the size of the group might not be significant for your school. We should set out to make our schools more relevant and understand the messages we convey.

Dr. Tim Uhl, Superintendent

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