Battle of Somme

Somme river France, July 1st, 1916 - November 1, 1916

Battle summary

On July 1st, France and Britain attacked Germany near the Somme river. The battle of the Somme occurred because the British led offensive battle to relieve pressure on the battle of Verdun. It was the mid point of the war, there was enormous loss of life for little territory gained.

Causalities on both sides:

  • British: 485,000
  • France: 630,000
  • Germany: 650,000

Generals of the war:

  • French General: Joseph Joffre
  • Germany General: Douglas Haig and Hennry Rawlinson

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A Real life story

I have a rendezvous with death

At some disputed barricade,

When spring comes back with rustling shade

And apple-blossoms fill the air,

I have a rendezvous with death

when spring brings back blue days and fair.

Weapons and methods used in this historical Battle

Somme for many years was a home for weapons, they had gas, tanks, machine guns.

One machine gun they used it took 12 men to operate fully, it was the first war they used tanks. The original allied estimate of casualties on the some was 485,000 British casualties and 630,000 German casualties.

By Jordan McCain and Bryan DeBerry