The Boy Who Saved Baseball

By: Morgan Moeller


Never give up on the little things in life


I picked Marie because Marie is graceful, confident, determained and stands up for what she beleives in. That is most important for me. When she got hurt she did not give up. She kept fighting untill her time was up. I think Marie connects with me.  

How Tom Grew

Tom was this cautious, timid, clever, calm, cowardly boy until he changed.Tom changed his ability to play baseball. He changed his ability to speak up for what he beleives in and stand up for himself. I think that boosted his confindence in himself which is always good.

The Climax of The Book

I thought the most exciting part of the book was when Tom hit the pop fly in the air and the ball just stayed in the air for what felt like for ever. What I was thinking when that was happening is that someone is going to catch it. Thank goodness it did not turn out how I thought it would. 

My Hero

My hero would probally have to be my Mom. She is kind, loving, caring, generous, and always there for me. Ya we may fight and have arguments.  She is still my hero ,because she has always stood up for me when I am weak. I am so grateful to have my mom by my side through thick and thin.