Matynka's Minutes

Month of Assessments, I mean May :)

Assessments, Assessments

Students have really been troopers this month! Today was their last day of M-Step testing. Thank you for your cooperation and flexibility with these dates. Moving forward... students will complete 2 additional assessments tomorrow - the AimsWeb (National Benchmark) , as well as the final Smarter Balance Math Assessment. The last required reading assessment will be at the end of the month.

Writer's Workshop - State Research

This month students will be researching a U.S. state and creating a travel brochure that include facts and attractions. Information was sent home about this project a few weeks ago.

Math - Fractions & Decimals

The math standards in this unit include: Write fractions in equivalent form (including simplifying fractions), compare fractions, read & create a line plot, compare decimals, understand and relate fractions, decimals, and word forms, and solve real world problems.

Science - Earth, Moon and Sun

In our final science unit, students will observe, make and track shadows, observe the sun’s and moon’s positions in the sky, and discuss the rotation of the Earth.

Social Studies - Regions

We are learning about the five regions of the U.S. Each week students will receive a new packet for a different region. The test will be every Monday before we start the new region. Note, students need to be able to locate the states in each region (assessed earlier this year so this is a second opportunity for them to master this skill). They also need to know the capitals of each state in the region.

May Dates

4 - NE Region Test

4-6 Mstep Testing

7 - AimsWeb and Smarter Balance Math Assessments

8 - Favorite Sports Team Day

11 - SE Region Test and PTA mtg 7:00 pm

12 - Happy Birthday Cameron

13 - Late Start

15 - Field Day

18 - MW Region test

20 - Late Start and RIF 1-3 pm

22 - Red, White, Blue Day

24 - Happy Birthday Nathan S.

25 - Memorial Day - no school

26 - SW Region Test

28 - Service Squad Members bowling fieldtrip 10:30am -1 pm


2 - Pen Pal Visit 12:30 pm

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