Much Ado About Nothing

Allie Place

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If hero were to be cast as a modern day celebrity, she would be Kim Kardashian. She has no back bone and exists solely on the basis of being a woman and nothing more. They are also equally as annoying and unfulfilling, all while being tied to a man who is no better or more interesting than she is.
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Claudio would be cast as Kanye West if he were a modern character. He is an overly aggressive cry baby with not a whole lot of respect for women. He walks around fancying himself much like our modern day icon. They are also both self-absorbed and think that they can get whatever they want. And besides, whats Kim without Kanye?
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Don John

Don john would be cast as Mike 'The Situation' from Jersey Shore. Don John is a pompous jerk who is butt hurt about people liking his kinder and more intelligent brother over him, just like The Situation. Everybody on the show obviously like Pauly and Vinny better than him, and in consequence he was always trying to make people as miserable as he was. He even sabotaged relationships on the show, similarly to Don John disrupting the marriage of Claudio and Hero.

Plot Details

1. No matter what, love always prevails over hate.

2. You can always work on and fix bad things that happen; nothing is forever.

2. Good things and things that you want are sometimes right in front of you; you just have to be willing to look.

A song that best describes the theme of Much Ado About Nothing is My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. I chose this song because similar to the romantic relationships in the play, this song seems like a good idea in the beginning but in the end it just goes on and on in a miserable cycle of pretty screaming and misery. On a larger scale, that song has become overrated and over done just like the concept of the play. The ideas of Much Ado About Nothing has been used in multiple books and movies to date, just as My Heart Will Go On has been put in countless melodramatic movies since it first came out.
Céline Dion - My Heart Will Go On
My Heart Will Go On - Recorder By Candlelight by Matt Mulholland