Creating a Placement Record

What is a placement record?

When do you need a placement record?

If a student(s) HAS attended a GCCISD school in the past, but not last school year a placement record needs to be created in order for the parent/guardian to register the student. When a parent/guardian attempts to log into Parent Portal to register a student, the student will not appear without a Placement Record.

If you do not see the student in Maintain Student Placement: Complete the following steps first.

Might need to be completed before creating a Placement Record.

1. Go to Student Management in TEAMS

2. Click Enroll/Transfer
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3. Enter the student’s Local ID number
4. Click on the student/Select and Enroll
5. Enter the campus where the student is wanting to enroll

How do you create a placement record?

  1. Go to Student Management in TEAMS
  2. Click Maintain Student Placement
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3. Populate the fields accordingly, using next year as the Begin Year.

4. Select Placement Request Reason: Online Registration
5. Select Placement Status: Approved
6. Select Placement Status Date: current date and time
7. Leave Annual Review set to No
8. Click Add
9.Contact the parent and inform them to log out of Online Registration to refresh their account.
10. Have the parent log in and register the new student.