Friends & Family

Can you help?

Let's Talk Money

My goal as advisor of your animal project is for every student to qualify for the sale at the Collin County Livestock Show. Along with qualifying for the sale, I want each student to receive as much money as possible. When we started our project I mentioned I like for students to receive their purchase cost from the Collin County sale. As you all know this money will most likely come from the Friends & Family group, if you joined and successfully complete all fundraising requirements.

How Can We Raise More Money?

As we near the Collin County Show, (currently we are 26 days away from the show) I am beginning to think of the money our students will be receiving. I am contacting each family in an attempt for all parents to reach out to their employer (or family/friends) and inform them of your son/daughter's FFA experience. Let them know how early your child begins their day and all the time & dedication being devoted to this project. (It would even be a great time to show some of your child's selfies with their animal.) This conversation can segue into requesting they consider making a donation to the Friends & Family of Plano FFA.

Will This Really Help?

Between lambs, goats, pigs, and chickens - I work with 30 different families. If each family were able to collect $100 in donations we could raise an additional $3,000.

This money could possibly be 3 additional animals we could purchase!

Who Do I Contact Once I Receive A Donation?

Frank Merlino, President of Friends & Family of Plano FFA

Thank you for considering to help our hard working students!