Back to School Reminders

Welcome to the Little Oaks Montessori 2016-2017 School Year

Now that we’re ready to get back into our regular school routine, we’d like to remind you of some important things to keep in mind as we start another fantastic year at Little Oaks Montessori.

Entry Gate/Doors – Your child’s safety is paramount to us, therefore children are prohibited from opening any door or gate. Please remember to ALWAYS close and latch each gate behind you when entering and exiting the grounds, and also remind your friends and family who may drop off or pick up your child to close and latch each gate behind them.

Parent Information Board – Please remember to check the Parent Information Board (located above the coat rack) daily for important parent information and reminders. We have included a monthly calendar. We encourage you to snap a photo of it with your phone to stay current on our upcoming events and happenings.

Sign-in Book Pockets – It is imperative that you, or anyone who drops off/picks up your child, remember to sign him or her in and out at the exact time of arrival and departure (not the scheduled arrival/departure times). State law requires us to maintain an accurate record of each child on our premises at all times of the day. This record is also used for disaster drills and evacuations in an emergency. Please check your pocket (to the left of your child’s sign-in sheet) for information and communication about your child’s day, things they need at school or important notes and reminders.

Communication – Communication is critical to our ability to provide the care and attention that each child needs. Please communicate any special needs or schedule adjustments directly to our staff. Our primary responsibility is the direct supervision of the children; therefore we rarely answer the phone during school session. If you need to communicate urgent information about your child, please leave a message. Messages are usually heard by the staff and are returned as quickly as possible. We encourage you to email the office with any non-urgent or administrative needs. Emails can be distributed to your child’s teacher, if desired.

Arrival/Departures - It is critical that children be dropped off and picked up at their contracted drop-off and pick up times. Late/early drop offs and pickups is disruptive to our teacher/child ratios, class program time, nap routines, and teacher shift schedules.

Drop Offs – If your child is dropped off before their contracted time, there will be an Early Drop Off fee assessed. If you need to drop off your child early, we require at least 24 hours’ notice to ensure the teacher has adequate space available and is prepared to accept an early arrival. Please make sure your child has eaten a nutritious breakfast prior to his/her morning drop off.

Pick Ups – Your child will only be released to those persons you have authorized or given prior permission to. A Late Pick Up fee will apply beginning 6 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.

We understand that there are unforeseen situations when a parent can’t make it here at the scheduled time. Please call the office as soon as possible to inform the staff of your estimated time.

If your schedule requires a regular early or later time, please discuss and make arrangements with Cherie. We are willing to prorate extra hours and/or adjust your contract accordingly.

Commercial Characters - Jewelry, sunglasses, clothing with super-hero emblems or TV characters, or other unnecessary clothing items are discouraged. When children are wearing clothing or using items with commercial characters, we often see the children emulate these characters in their play and actions. It is important for children to express their individual and authentic selves as their unique qualities are most valued here. Accessories are not only distracting, but can become dangerous, broken or misplaced.

Sunscreen – Please make sure that your child has sunscreen on when you drop off in the morning. If your child stays in the afternoon, we will re-apply sunscreen before returning to outside afternoon play.

Jackets/Layered Clothing – On cold mornings, it is important that your children have a warm jacket or sweater to put on. Wearing layers to school is a good idea for our ever-changing Petaluma weather. A teacher at school will always make sure that your child is comfortable.

Shoes – Sturdy and well-fitted shoes are a necessity at school! Shoes that are too bulky, easily slip off or are not appropriate for running, jumping and playing are hazardous on the playground.

Lunch - Please pack a healthy and nutritious lunch for your child. Although we cannot force your child to eat his/her healthy (protein) first lunch, we do encourage healthy eating before snacks. Please do not send cookies, sweets or candy in your child’s lunch. Those items will be removed and not included in the lunch. Please include an ice pack in your children’s lunch box to keep food cold.

It is not necessary to send your child with a beverage as we provide cold, filtered water at lunch and throughout the day. If you do send juice in your child’s lunch, we may ask them to save it until the end of the day, so they don’t fill up on juice and then not want to eat their lunch.

Snacks –Please make sure your child brings nutritious, protein rich food. As with all meals and snacks, LOM does not permit chocolate (or Nutella), cake, doughnuts, cookies or any kind of food/snack regarded as “sweets”.

Sharing – Each week, we honor a child as “Person of the Week” to give the child the opportunity to tell the other students more about themselves. “Person of the Week” may bring a “Share” on any day of the week, but only one time per week. Sharing may consist of the following: items from nature, handmade items (made or put together by the child), books (no commercial characters such as Disney, Dora, Dr. Seuss, etc.), a story to tell or an item pertaining to our curriculum. A special “Person of the Week” display case is designated for items such as family photos, a favorite gift or book. We encourage children to keep their cherished personal belongings at home or in the car, as it is difficult to keep them protected and in their cubbies.

Toys are not allowed at school or for sharing. Toys are generally any purchased items such as plastic jewelry, action figures, cars, dolls, etc.

We look forward to fabulous new school year here at Little Oaks Montessori!