Curriculum Corner

North Merrick School District - Fall 2018

INQUIRY - Delving into Research

Meet the newest e-newsletter from the North Merrick School District - Curriculum Corner - which will be issued twice a year to take a deeper dive into the educational initiatives happening in the district schools. This issue focuses on inquiry - and how research skills are being integrated into the library media centers, classrooms and learning labs.

North Merrick Educators Form Research Framework Committee

The North Merrick Research Framework Committee, composed of teachers representing all grade levels and Special Education, was formed to compile rich resources and produce a Research Framework Continuum to support teachers and students. The committee referred to the New York State's Information Fluency Continuum and other educational materials to create a customized framework for the North Merrick School District.

Technology Tools Enhance Research Outcomes

Were you aware of the breadth of the state-of-the-art technology available to North Merrick students? The tools range from SMARTBoards, Nureva Span Walls and HoverCams to laptops, Chromebooks and 3D printers to Google Suite, video editing software, and green screen graphics capability.