By: Patrick Carman

" You will live in the field of wacky inventions."


This book has 261 pages. The author of this amazing book is describing the story in first person. This book is the first in the three book mystery series.

Merganzer Whippet, the Whippet Hotel's creator has dissapeared. This hotel is one of the most mysterious hotels ever with ducks and ponds on the roof, and with giant rooms that are super expensive to rent. But Leo Fillmore, the Whippet Hotel's janitor's son goes on a quest for finding 4 mysterious boxes. He gets some new friends (most of them are animals) and finds secret floors and rooms in the hotel that even the janitor doesn't know about. During his epic quest, someone is trying to sabotage the hotel and the janitor's son who helps his dad, can't help! When he comes back not done with his quest, the Whippet Hotel is out of control! But the person sabotaging the hotel isn't what everybody thought he was...


The theme is about never giving up in what you are doing. This theme can apply to people doing activities like sports when they are losing. This can also apply to someone who has to do something important and thinks about giving up. The theme of this is important because if you don't give up you can win or finish something. Even if you lose like in a match when you are not giving up, you can do it next time which might be better.