Alfred Deakin


Australia's Prime Ministers - Episode 2 - Alfred Deakin


Born: August 3, 1856

Died: October 7, 1919

Work: Politician, Writer

2nd Prime Minister

Alfred Deakin Was 1 Out Of 2 People To Get Prime Minister 3 Times

He Spent 10 Years Trying To Convince

Education: University Of Melbourne,1877,Melbourne Grammar School

Alfred Deakin Was Apart Of The Protectionist Party

What Did He Do To Change Australia?

1.Alfred Deakin Was A Lawyer Who Liked Working As A Politician. In The Late Nineteenth Century, Alfred Deakin Spent 20 Years In Politics. With Edmund Barton By His Side, Alfred Deakin Spent Ten Years Before Federation Started, Trying To Convince All The Australian Colony's To Become One Nation.

2. Alfred Deakin spoke out against the Colonial Office and against British foreign policy in the Pacific, much to the horrified surprise of many of the delegates. His was the only memorable speech at the conference which was also noteworthy between the colonies, namely New South Wales and Victoria who rarely agreed on a single issue. Deakin returned to Australia having scored a major personal success, determined to now devote his energies to the cause of Australian Federation.In the following years, he attended a series of conferences and conventions regarding Federation. At the 1889 Federal Council of Australia, advice was received regarding the state of the colonies' military forces, where it was pointed out that no defence of Australia could be effective without central control. This prompted Sir Henry Parkes' famous speech which was to make Federation a live political issue from this time onwards.