Matt Glowacki

Diversity According to South Park and Family Guy

Matt Glowacki: Diversity According to South Park and Family Guy

Tuesday, Dec. 4th 2012 at 6pm

Cascadia Community College, Campus Way Northeast, Bothell, WA

About the Program

Animated comedies such as “Family Guy” and “South Park” are more likely to teach and reinforce the morals and values of young adults than the homes that they are being raised in. This should not be surprising given that families share less than seven meaningful interactive minutes together in a day while the average high school student and college undergrad spend seven hours a day watching TV.

Television like all things creative, imitates life- and life of late seems to be imitating television. In his presentation, Matt Glowacki explains that, “programs operating on the fringes of societal acceptance often have a more developed, logical, and inclusive view of our society than the entities which seek a strangle hold on morality in our culture.”

“Family Guy” & “South Park” are examined anew and mined for gold as Matt identifies the ways in which these programs break down stereotypical attitudes and behavior regarding people’s differences. Matt’s interpretation of these popular cultural icons educates, but most importantly encourages a fresh look at life around us. Matt’s audiences will never be passive television viewers again but rather will ask, “what’s the point, what’s the moral, and how are they reflective of the goings on of our culture?”

About Matt

Matt Glowacki was born in 1973 in Janesville, Wisconsin. His birth drew attention because even though he was healthy, he was born without legs. From the very beginning, his parents made sure to provide him with every opportunity to participate in a normal life. At age three, Matt became involved in community activities at five he was mainstreamed into Harrison Elementary School and went on to graduate from Craig High School. In his senior year Matt earned the rank of Eagle Scout, served as the Governor of the State of Wisconsin’s Key Club District, and managed his own business. He continued his education and community involvement at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in U.S. History.

While attending the university and playing wheelchair basketball, Matt developed and administered a community awareness program entitled, "What It Takes: Cornerstones for Success." Matt brought this program and his messages and competitive wheelchair sports to over 25,000 students across the state.

Matt currently focuses his life in two primary areas. The first is the world of business and community; he was employed for three years as an outside sales account executive for Lucent Technologies. During his tenure at Lucent, Matt was awarded the regional “Master Sales Award” and the “Giving Back to the Community Award.” In October of 1999, he left to focus on three of his own businesses: MOGO Wheelchairs, a very successful wheelchair building and sales business; Glow Music, a mobile disc jockey and entertainment service; and Myriad Communications, his speaking and consulting company.

Matt resides in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin where he is active in many local organizations. He served on the State Easter Seals board of directors. He was chosen by the Governor of the State of Wisconsin to serve on the Governor’s Rehabilitation Council, which monitors and oversees the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

The second focus of his life is competitive sports. Matt earned his position on the USA Paralympic Team for Sit-Volleyball in June of 1998, after he participated in the World Championships in Washington, D.C. He traveled and competed internationally with the team and attended the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney, Australia, and the 2002 World Championships in Cairo, Egypt. Matt served as the alternate for the Paralympics in Athens in 2004.

Matt also donates his time and efforts to The Confluence , a Not for Profit Wheelchair Sports Foundation in St. Louis, MO. He serves as a coach, mentor, mechanic and friend to athletes of all ages. The program sponsors a variety of sporting endeavors including Wheelchair Basketball, Tennis, Wheelchair Softball, and Waterskiing.