Kids Playing Dangerous Sports

Their parents SHOULD let them play!

Children can gain many socialization skills while playing!

On Kyanna Suttton states ''sports can build confidence''

And self confidence, among other things promotes the growth into adulthood.

Its the kids decision to play these sports!

Many kids think that sports are ''cool'' and those who have parents who wont let them play just want to rebel! Every kid has had at least one Renegade-like thoughts every week!

Some kids like different sports.

Such as:

  • football
  • skate boarding
  • rugby
  • baseball
  • skiing
  • hockey

But when you think about it...

Everything in LIFE has a risk, sports just have slightly higher risk!

Sometimes you just have to do it (Nike reference lol) and be happy till the time when you can't.

Kids may get hurt while playing,

But still these kids go into these sports knowing the risk!

Its the parents/coaches fault if the children are not properly trained.

On one of the users dictates ''concussions are often happening!''

But if your child knows of all the things that can go wrong, they will be prepared with the right things to wear, info in the head, and the attitude of a winner.

In the end...

Life is about taking risks, So parents should allow their children to play sports!

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Here are a few dangerous sports that may hurt children ^