Gattis Gossip

Volume 6, Issue 13____Nov. 18, 2013

This Week at Gattis....


  • 8:50 PDAS
  • 1:50 504


  • LC off campus at AP meeting ( AM only)
  • 3:15 Staffing

  • 6:30 TAG Parent information


  • 8:15 Office Meeting
  • 11:55 Parent meeting (Rm. 112/113)
  • 1:00 PDAS
  • 3:05 Faculty Meeting


Traveling Canyon during PE

  • 8:00 PDAS
  • 8:55 Revision ARD
  • 9:50 Revision ARD
  • 12:55 Annual ARD
  • 1:45 Annual ARD


Traveling Canyon during PE

  • 7:35 School-wide Assembly
  • SST 1st, 2nd, 3rd

A Look Ahead....

Nov. 19 6:30-7:30TAG Information Night

Nov. 21 & 22 Traveling Canyon

Nov. 26 Fire Dept. Assembly

Nov. 27-29 Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec. 2-11 Math, Science, Reading, Writing CBA window

Link for grade level details:

Dec. 3 2:45 Kona Ice

Dec. 4 Early Release/ Just In Time PD

Dec. 10 6:00 PTA/Family Science Night

November Birthdays

Nov. 10 Carolyn Slavin

Nov. 11 Lisa Melson, Christinne Etheredge, AND

Tammy Garcia!!!

Nov. 12 Robin Foerster

Nov. 14 Hilary Krof

Nov. 15 Susie Marek

Nov. 21 Michelle LePlattenier

Nov. 27 Lexey Krause

Nov. 30 Laura Boehler

Happy Birthday!

We hope your day is fabulous and fun!

Please let me know if I left anyone off!

Traveling Canyon Details

A huge thank you to our PTA for supporting "being there" learning activities. The Traveling Canyon will be here on Thursday and Friday. Please note the details below as you plan.

Students will experience the presentation during their PE time on Thursday or Friday. Specials on Friday will follow a Monday schedule to ensure that all students will get the lesson. On Friday they will not switch specials as they normally do.

K-2 Big Canyon lesson lasts 30 min. PE teachers will have a mini lesson or transition activity for the extra time.

Fifth grade students will need to come to PE on Thursday or Friday prepared for dismissal as the program lasts one hour. 5th grade teachers will report to the gym to monitor their students at 2:35 while the lesson will continue until dismissal. 5th grade classes in art or music on the respective days will dismiss as they normally do.

Ms. Healy will show day care dismissal groups where to wait in the hallway until they can enter the gym on Thursday and Friday.

Thank you all for your flexibility!

Notes from Thankful Hearts....

I'm thankful for fall weekends with gorgeous weather!

Try the link if you're feeling particularly thankful and want to share!