Political Cartoons of the Cold War

Andrew Jenders, Hour 1, Chapter 17

Why Cartoons?

In this presentation I will be showing you some of the political cartoons that were drawn during the Cold War era. I think that these cartoons were very impacting on the Cold War and that they helped people understand the political issues from that time period better and in a interesting way. I will be lining these cartoons up from the beginning to the end of the war as well.

Early Cold War

This picture is a political cartoon that talks about the Iron Curtain that was covered back in section one of our chapter. Here, the image depicts the United Nations trying to lift the curtain and the US and France encouraging it. If you don't realize, France, the US, and the UN are all against communism and the Iron Curtain was somewhat the divider for a nationalist West Europe and a communist East Europe. So, the point of this cartoon would be showing how those countries were against communism and wanted to keep the east and west together.

Images of the Cartoons

As the War Progresses On...

Mid Cold War Era

This was a cartoon from the 1960. The main point of this cartoon was showing the danger of nuclear in the fighting between the US and the USSR. As we all know, during the Cold War there was a constant threat of missile attacks from the USSR to the US or vice versa. This is a really interesting picture that shows the battle between the US and the USSR. In this picture we see the American President John F Kennedy battling in a arm wrestle with Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet leader at the time, and they both have their fingers over a button to release the bomb that they are sitting on. Obviously, these bombs would be going to the opposing country. I think that this cartoon does a great job showing the battle between the two countries (arm wrestle), and the constant threat of there being a nuclear attack (hands over buttons).

End of the Cold War Era

When the Cold War started to cool down, the policy of Detente was reached. This was around the time period of the late 70's. This cartoon is from that time period and is showing the workings of detente. Like we read in our books, around the late stages of the Cold War there was a lot of revolting by the communist countries. This cartoon depicts two hands shaking ( the US and USSR) with the Soviet People attached to the arm that the US is shaking with. I think that this does a good job of showing how the people of the Soviet Union went along with what the government did because it was a government rules all setup.

My Reaction

There are still cartoons that could be shown that were propaganda or against or for communism. For this project, I was really interested in learning more. I think that cartoons have always been a good and better way to teach about politics because they seem easier to understand and analyze. I really felt like these cartoons helped me understand this chapter better. I really think that through these cartoons I understand how close we were to firing off weapons but, why we never did. I also think that this project helped me understand why there are still resisting conflicts between the US and Russia.

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