Somalia Immigration in Minnesota

By: Autumn Foix

Push and Pull Factors

Push factor- A lot of Somalians were brought here by Lutheran social service back in the 90s. Another reason was because of the civil war if 1991

Pull factor- One really big pull factor was Somalians had a lot of job opportunities, better schooling, and cheaper housing

Ravenstein's Laws of Migration

  • Rule #2 Most migrants move from rural to large cities
  • Rule #3 Most migrants are young people (20-34yrs)
  • Rule #6 Most migrants move for economic reasons

Jobs and Location

Most Somalian immigrants live in the St. Paul, Minneapolis area.

A lot of Somalians are interpreters for schools, hospitals, and court related things.

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Issues and Challenges They Face

  1. Education- It's hard for them to learn our language so they can't get into school very easily
  2. Racial Justice- A lot of people are discriminating Somalians because of their history and what people learn in school
  3. Health and Well Being- They have a lot healthcare issues in Minnesota, it's harder for them to get healthcare.