My Dream for my Life

To Become a Deaf Education Teacher

What I Can Do To Make My Dream Reality

I have always been interested in teaching and sign language, and since deaf education involves both that is what I've decided to do as a career. I would love to work with elementary school age children, but teaching middle school or high school age kids could be fun as we. However, I will have to do a lot of work to be able to get there. The first thing I would have to do is graduate from high school. I need to focus on keeping my grades up and doing the very best that I can. I should keep my g.p.a. up and be involved in different activities to learn time management and other various skills. Also, without a diploma, I wouldn't be able to get anywhere with my goal. I will also have to go to college and get a teaching degree and be able to speak sign language. I would have to find a college that has classes to learn sign language as well as having a good teaching degree program. Just like in high school, I will need to do the best that I can to get good grades in all of the classes I take. Finally, I will need to actually find a job. I would need to look around and find one that is in a good location and offers me everything that I want and need. I want to be able to work in a place that not only offers me a job, but a place that I can enjoy working at and look forward to going to everyday. This includes the location and the people around. I think that if I can achieve these three things, I will not only reach my goal to become a deaf education teacher but love every second of my life as well.

Painting Your Room

Becoming a deaf education teacher is like painting your bedroom your favorite color. There are many steps, but if you do them correctly you can not only get what needs to be done finished but you will also end up happy with the outcome.