Preston Hollow Fence

Need Experts To Help You Make Your Property Safe From Burglary And Theft?

All of your fence and gate needs will be fulfilled here at Preston Hollow Fence. At our disposal, you can find all the fences and gates that you require for your property. The main purpose behind our formation is to offer high quality gates and fences in your houses. Formed in 1960, by Thomas Rathheim, our company has been serving the people with the most exclusive help regarding gates and fences all over Dallas. Due to our high profile services and products, we have become the Best Fence Company in Dallas and surrounding areas.

For over 50 years, we have acquired all the important knowledge about our field which helps us to improve our services as well as our products. We can installattractive and safe fences in your house which can provide you safety as well as style. We have services for Custom Driveway Gate & Wood Staining in Richardson TX, Custom Wooden Driveway Gates in Allen TX, and more. A large number of people have grown fond of the fence services due to its great satisfaction. Our hired on field experts will make sure that your project is completed in time with complete expertize.

Preston Hollow Fence specializes in offering top level services regarding the installation of fences and gates.From quality to prices, we offer you the best deals that could not be find anywhere else.We also offer services for Repainting existing iron & gates in Richardson, TX to extend the life span of them. Log on to for more information about us.