Battle of Chickamauga

September 19-20 1863

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Battle of Chickamauga was the end of a Union offensive called Chickamauga Campain (a series of battles) fought in Northwestern Georgia and Southeastern Tennessee from August 21st through September 20th.

Both sides wanted Chattanooga because of the vital trade site on the river.

On the 20th the Army of Cumberland accidentally created a gap and because of the major advantage the Army of Tennesse ended up winning the battle.

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Union Commander- General William S. Rosecrans

Union soldiers- Army of Cumberland

60,000 total soldiers

1,657 killed

9,756 wounded

4,757 missing/captured

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Confederate Commander- General Braxton Bragg

Confederate Soldiers- Army of Tennessee

65,000 total soldiers

2,312 killed

14,674 wounded

1,468 missing/captured

Soldiers from both sides fought with cavalry (fighting on horses) and infantry (fighting on foot).

Facts about Battle of Chickamauga

-1st major battle of Georgia

-2nd highest number of casualties behind the Battle of Gettysburg