Marketing Henrico

By Chandler Wade

Henrico County

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Henrico County Size

Henrico County's area is 245 square miles and 634.5 kilometers
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How many people live in Henrico County

314,932 people live in Henrico County.
Henrico County is a suburban county. It gives a variety of options for its students including different specialty schools, and gives every student a laptop with internet access. Its citizens careers range from being in Substance Abuse Services to Residential Utility Bill Payment.

Henrico County Government

Executive- County Manager, enforce county laws

Legislative- Board of Supervisors, carrying out legislative powers, enacting ordinances or local laws, and adopting local budgets

Judicial- District and circuit court, settling judicial disputes

Henrico County Fun Facts

Henrico County has existed since 1634.

It got its name from Henry, Prince of Wales, and the oldest son of King James I of England.

There are several tourist attractions in Henrico, such as the Civil War battlefields and the Nascar racetrack.