Commercial Diving

By: Armando Rayas

Job Description

  • Commercial diving is a job that include many things from underwater welding to underwater photography.
  • there are off shore and inland workers off shore workers can be away from home for weeks at a time while in land workers can have a more normal work schedules


  • Underwater welding is a very well paying job earning anywhere from $30,000 for new workers and up to $200,000 for experienced workers.
  • Workers can also get a bonus pay such as a safety bonus, depth pay which is 1$ - $4 per foot they dive, and a recruiting bonus.


  • The school that you need to attend to get into commercial diving is a vocational school.
  • The cost for the schools can vary in cost from around $32,000 for on campus and $28,000 for off campus.
  • some requirements to attend the school is a GED or a high school diploma, you must also the ability to swim and be in good physical shape.

Working Conditions

Working conditions can be tough working in cold water with little visibility
The reason i selected this career is because it is something that i am interested in and hope to do on the furure.