Transracial man wins Spingarn Medal

Hunter Derringer Honored for achievements

A huge leap forward!

Hunter Derringer, who self identifies as African-American, has been selected and awarded the prestigious Spingarn medal, awarded for outstanding achievements by African Americans, for his achievements in ending trans-racial phobias!

''I told you there would be progress!'' Said Derringer after being awarded the medal at the annual NAACP convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cornell Brooks, the current head of the NAACP, expressed delight in the huge step forward: ''You know, many people disagreed with us not giving the award to someone who was originally assigned as white, but I think Hunter has contributed a lot to African-American culture by being brave enough to come out as trans... trans-racial that is.''

Others, such as Anita Davis, have expressed concerns over the validity of the award.

''You know I just don't know if he is really African American.... You can just identify as whatever you want I guess, but I thought this only applied to people like Caitlyn Jenner who felt trapped in their skin or whatever... I mean, I guess Hunter can feel trapped in his white skin?''. Trans-racial peoples have been oppressed since the beginning of time, and Hunter's award brings to light major social steps in our society. Maybe one day all will be able to identify as anything they desire! Men may become fountains, women Apache attack helicopters, and then finally society will be completely equal. Until then though, Hunter's award represents a huge leap forward in social justice!