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GUEST STAFF - Thank you for all the gifts you donated for our families this holiday season. There is NO other staff around that is so generous, caring and supportive. You have made an incredible difference in the lives of our families. Sending you all a BIG hug!

ADINA KANNER - WOW! Over 25 families will celebrate Christmas because of the organization and success of our Adopt a Family program. Thank you for all your hard work, delivery service, and multiple phone calls to ensure our children and families will smile on Christmas morning.

Thank you CASSIE BOYD for attending the performance of Big Hero 6. I know our students loved seeing you in the audience.

KIM RUNYAN - We are happy you are part of the Guest family. Thank you for always finding positive things to say about our students even when it gets a little "rough" outside. Your positive attitude is appreciated.

Thank you SARAH DODDS & ROB OSBORNE - Student Council is well on its way to being a success. We look forward to hearing about your new initiatives.

Go SHARON BECKER & LIZ PACE - thanks for being so flexible and supportive to our staff and students as programs are planned that require the cafeteria. We couldn't do it without your support.

What a TEAM: KATHY ILACQUA, MARY STIRE, CAROLYN HUDSON, ROB OSBORNE, SHELLIE AVERY-FRANZ, MEAGEN GRANBERRY - thanks for recently helping colleagues with lesson planning and teaching their students when NO substitute is available. We must continue to follow your example when servicing our students.

MELANIE MCFADDEN - Thanks for helping with Wildcat Pick-up, Bus Loop duty, and assistance as more leadership positions are added for our 5th grade students

MEAGEN GRANBERRY & SHELLIE AVERY-FRANZ - Volley ball practice and game time would not have been a success without your fun spirit and organization. Thanks for taking the time to get the team together!

Who would you like to recognize? Send me your Shout-outs to share!

MONTHLY LOUNGE DUTY = 1st Grade & Reading Recovery

Please excuse the mess created by removing the counter and bulletin board. It is a work in progress.


December 2015

  • 21st Art Adventures 5th grade - invitation only 9:30 - 10:30 in Art Room

  • 22nd Winter Break Final Day for Students and Staff

  • 23rd thru Jan. 3rd Winter Break

  • 24th Christmas Eve

  • 25th Christmas Day

  • 26th First day of Kwanzaa

  • 31st New Year’s Eve

  • Staff Profiles due

  • Intervention baskets due


January 2016

  • 1st New Year’s Day - HAPPY NEW YEAR

  • 4th School Resumes from Winter Break

  • 4th Art Adventure 5th grade - invitation only 9:30 - 10:30 in Art Room

  • 4th New Year’s Luncheon 11:40 -1:40

  • 4th MHG PTA Meeting 7:00 - 8:00 PM

  • 4th Pizza Kit Fundraising Begins

  • 5th 4th grade Team Building in Gym & Cafeteria 2:00 - 3:15

  • 6th Second Grade Teacher - to - Teacher at MBE

  • 7th Spelling Bee in Cafeteria 9:30 -10:30 AM

  • 7th Board Meeting - 7:30 PM

  • 8th Michelle out for Teacher Evaluation Meeting 8:30 - 11:30 @ ESC

  • 8th Geography Bee in Cafeteria 2:10 - 3:30


  • IMPORTANT - I NEED YOUR INPUT: Please help by sending me Shout-outs, Classroom & Guest Elementary happenings to be included in our Wildcat Newsletters & scrolling Power Point.

For example, in the next Newsletter, I will be adding pictures and a paragraph to showcase Sara Bruckman's Passion Clubs. Sara sent me photos and a short write-up. Other examples could be - names of contestants for the Spelling and Geography Bee, dates for Student Council Meetings, etc. I think you get the idea of what information I am looking for... There are many wonderful things going on in the building and individual classrooms, I don't want to miss sharing out the information. However, it is very difficult capturing this without your input. I cannot thank you enough for sending me the information. Remember, it doesn't have to be "fancy".

Thank you!!

  • COAT HOOKS - Bill Chatfield is checking to see if having coats/snow gear and hooks in the hallway is against fire code. If so, I asked that he help me come up with a new plan. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Sorry for the news. I will keep you posted

  • HATS - Unless we are having a school-wide event, students should NOT have hats or hoods on during the school day. Please discuss and enforce. Your help is appreciated.

  • PIZZA ME PROJECTS - Please be sure to plan for students to share/showcase their projects before the MLK event on January 18th. Due to one project per family, you will have to coordinate with other teachers to share pizza boards.

  • C.A.R.E. - Children At Risk Emotionally - if you are participating in this program, you should have received an email with your child(ren). See Monica if you did not get the information. Thanks for checking in on your C.A.R.E. child(ren) every day, and please remind each other. No matter what you do daily to make a difference for our children, celebrate and know that you are special.

  • Attendance - Please ensure you have a system set up so morning and afternoon attendance is completed.


Click HERE for voice over PowerPoint from Margaret. I will begin evaluations after conferences. You will receive an email the week before. This is very exciting - I enjoy observing, learning from you, and having a post conversation.


& shorter link:


Hold a Class Meeting to discuss:

1. I can learn anything, because I was born to learn.

2. I can train my brain through practice.

3. I can choose my thoughts when things are hard.

4. I know failure is an important part of my success.

5. I take ownership of my mistakes and learn from them.

6. I do not let setbacks keep me from accomplishing goals.

7. I believe that I can do hard things.

8. I take charge of my own learning.

9. I encourage others to have a growth mindset.

10. I celebrate my own growth and progress.


This week - looking for evidence that students have learned about the brain. Continue to use your planning guide to fully implement Conscious Discipline.

Next week - what does your morning greeting "look and sound like"


Pam's site - Check this out! So helpful... Click HERE


Relevant Top Videos of 2015

  • Favorite "NO"

  • Improving Participation with Talk Moves


This would be a great for morning meetings until the "skill" is part of the culture in your classroom, or compliments what you are already doing...

Short Article:

Video that goes with article: