Where I Stand

Bryan Wong's Vision

Parking Control

In Markham, a major concern is the safety of the school students. The main issue revolves around the growing number of cars in school zones. Many parents try to get as close to the school when dropping off and picking up their students, often causing traffic congestion. This also raises the dangers of pedestrians trying to get to the school. Students could seriously get hurt if both parties aren't both paying attention.

One solution that has been proposed by the city of Markham is to have stricter restrictions in school zones such as "No Stopping or Parking" signs. This would help decrease the dangers immensely as the students are now free from the cars blocking their way. Another solution is to have more supervisors out in the parking lot to maintain control and monitor the student's safety. This could keep parents from entering restricted zones or exiting through the entrance.

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Water Works

With the climate continuing to change due to global warming, as the city of Markham, it is our goal as stewards to save the planet. One way to do this is through the conservation of water. The average household in Markham uses 217 litres of water each day! York Region has proposed a goal of 150 litres per person per day. Though this is a huge step forward, there is also many things as citizens we can do.

One way to get people to get involved is to provide incentives. For example, the city of Markham can provide a bonus for the installation of energy efficient products such as toilets and dishwashers. Also, many people don't even think about the consequences when they are overusing the water. To fix this, Markham should raise awareness such as through signs or other methods to let their citizens what they can do to help. Some people don't know better when they take 15 minute showers or leave their tap running, but we can teach them!

Why Care About Water?

Waste Management

One of the biggest shockers to me when I first came to St. Augustine Catholic High School was the lack of compost bins. How could my my small elementary school have compost bins in every school but my larger high school has none.

The green bin or the compost bin is widely used in Markham as we are the green city. the green bin provides an alternative to putting organics such as paper towels and fruit products into the garbage. This greatly reduces the amount of waste produced and helps keep landfills from quickly filling up. Markham reports that by using green bins, 35% of the waste have been diverted from landfills.

But why doesn't a school of over 1000 students have no access to any green bin is what angers me. In lunch, most of my friends buy food from the cafe and are given paper plates and towels. Without green bins, all the paper waste goes straight to the garbage when it can easily be decomposed of. The school is able to purchase new IPads every year, but is unable to provide a $20 green bin. We as students of a Catholic school should do whatever it takes to protect God's creation

Composting in York Region