The Gudo Store

Online Consignment Shop

Think your old valuables can earn you some extra cash for the New Year?

The Gudo Store has you covered.

We're based in Chapel Hill.

I have personally been ripped off from pawnshops and retailers like Gamestop before. They told me my Wii game was worth $7.00, and I sold it for close to $60 in mint condition on eBay. The reason places like pawn shops and Gamestop do this is because of overhead, they have a store to run. They keep 60%-70% of the profit on your items. That isn't fair.

Sell your items online with our store instead! We won't give you pennies for your items, and you have the option to get your cash up front if you so choose.

Now Accepting: Retro Video Games, Video Game Consoles, Cards, Toys, Books and other small items. You keep 70-75% of your items' value.

What we do:

  • Appraise items
  • Pick up items
  • List and sell items
  • Pack and ship items
  • Give you receipt of payment when the item sells
  • Packing material and shipping costs are included at no extra cost to you.

Selling with our store is easy!

Here is the link to our intake form:

(Sega Saturn games are in right now!)

You can also contact us by email: